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Available to buy online from our website is a wide range of high quality, carefully selected Italian preserves made by the best Tuscan producers.

The vegetarian sandwich spreads and patés for sale on the website are all artisan gourmet products made according to traditional recipes with natural ingredients like Tuscan extra virgin olive oil and herbs.

Conserves made from freshly-picked vegetables and mushrooms have been produced for centuries in Tuscany. Most local restaurants offer crostini and appetizers made with vegetable spreads, such as the delicious Cream of Artichoke (artichoke cream sauce) available to purchase on our website.

The producers we have selected are proud of their family traditions which they continue to use in the preparation of premium quality produce, combining tradition with the adoption of the latest production techniques and equipment. It is this passion for tradition that makes our Italian preserves so unique.

On Vivere la Toscana you can choose from a wide selection of vegetable patés, cream sauces and vegetarian sandwich spread, such as the tasty Aubergine Cream Spread, the delicate Pumpkin Spread and the irresistible Red and Yellow Pepper Cream Spreads made by the Azienda Agricola Bartoli farm. Our patés are best served on tasty canapés and appetizers, while our vegetarian spread and cream sauces are excellent for sandwiches, pizzas and focaccia, or as an easy pasta sauce.

The vegetables are always the protagonists of the typical vegetarian dishes, and the basis of the Mediterranean cuisine, famous throughout the world for being the healthiest: we advise you to use them in a creative way in order to create different recipes . Our vegetarian sauces or vegetables sauces can be consumed in different ways: on toast or biscuits, as an appetizer; with toasted bread in a soup, on pasta or rice as if it were a ragout, as an accompaniment to main courses , for seasoning recipes with seitan.

All vegetable sauces , creams or vegetarian vegetable pasties are hand-made by our producers as they did in the past, and the ingredients come from our land and grown without chemical additives.

All the food products on our website are totally natural, made from 100% Italian ingredients. Continue browsing our site to discover the whole range of gourmet products available to buy online.