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THE BEST TUSCAN cured meat…

 “Vivere la Toscana” propose online, the best typical cold cuts of Tuscany, with the natural flavour, prepared with local, selected and controlled meat, directly from the producers of our region. The manufacturing takes place according to the traditional methods, chemicals free. You can easily have at home all the taste of the local pork and boar, by ordering the items online, among the wide range of typical products in our website.

The prince of the handmade cold cuts is the Tuscan salami, the most famous and appreciated product in Italy and all over the world, for the high quality of its pork; the meat is selected, cut in big pieces and flavoured with black pepper grains and scented aromas of our hills.  The butchers selected by “Vivere la Toscana”, propose several kinds of salami prepared with high quality ingredients, only from our land, such as the flavorous “cacciatorini” salami, the “finocchiona”, a scented salami with fennel seeds, “Cinta Senese” salami, the tasty sausages of boar, sweet or spicy salami, “soppressata” or “ “capocollo” cold cut.

Online, in our showcase, you can find a wide range of typical items of Tuscany you can match, such as wine and cheese. By browsing in the categories and in the pages of the producers we have selected, you can discover several exclusive offers at an excellent quality/price ratio.