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The Tuscan truffles are the finest, the most famous and the most appreciated products in the world. The typical scent and the intense taste make truffles, especially those from San Miniato, a gastronomic excellence of our region. Thanks to Vivere la Toscana, you can buy the truffles online at an excellent price/quality ratio, the products with the finest truffles, gathered and kept according to the traditional techniques, preservative free. The brine is one of the oldest methods of conservation, used in Tuscany from centuries, to preserve and keep intact the scent and the taste of the rare fruits of the underwood, such as the bianchetto truffle, the Marzuolo truffle and the Scorzone truffle. You can buy the truffles online (the whole mushrooms), as they were fresh picked and simply kept in a solution of water and salt, in order to prepare tailored and sought dishes. Alternatively, you can find a wide range of cooked products, such as the Tartufina sauce or the cream with truffle and edible boletus, for tastier receipts. The professionalism and the passion of our producers that have dealt with sapience and devotion from many years to research and gather the precious fruits of the hills and the Tuscan woods, means to have trustworthy cooks. On our shop, the customer who wants to buy the truffles online, can also choose good products sets, in order to have more products to taste, with a better saving. In the category “oil”, you can also find flavoured oil, with the white or the fine black truffle. Keep on browsing and discover the world of truffle flavours: creams, sauces, honey, butter and even gold.