For B2B shopkeepers, Companies and Tuscan producers

Conditions for B2B shopkeepers, Companies and Tuscan producers

Are you a shopkeeper? A freelance? Have you a shop or are you going to open a shop? See how you can become a Dealer of “Vivere la Toscana”!

Are you a craftsman? Have you a factory farm in Tuscany?

Become a supplier of “Vivere la Toscana” and promote your products of excellence by exploiting the huge powers  of the web  

Sales points and shopkeepers

If you need to order a great number of products, contact us for a quotation.

Choose among the products in the catalogue! In case of particular enquiries to meet the needs of your marketplace, contact us: we will do all our best to content yourself.

The registration on “Vivere la Toscana” as shopkeeper is the normal registration on the website, by indicating your corporate name, your VAT number, a copy of the Chamber of Commerce sent by e-mail, where you state  your registration e-mail.

Within 48 hours from receiving such data, we will send you by e-mail the confirmation of the registration as shopkeeper or the reasons of a possible denial.

The contract shopkeeper will have a discount code for the products he orders.

  • “Vivere la Toscana” supplies special conditions for all the companies and shopkeepers that buy the items inside the categories, by using a specific discount code.
  • All the shipping, perfectly packed, will be sent by express courier to the address we indicate, with the tracking code.

Write us: we will deal with everything!

Thanks to the drastic decrease of the stages of distribution, together with the high movements volume, “Vivere la Toscana” offers safe products and an absolute quality at a reasonable price: an advantage for your customers.

For the Tuscan Producers

“Vivere la Toscana” aims at becoming a reference portal for all those who love Tuscany and its food, handicrafts and tourism excellences. For this reason, we are always searching for new companies that want to expand their catchment area, by increasing their offer to the immense capabilities of the web.

If you hold a handicraft farm, or a factory farm, please, contact us: we will be happy to know you and all your products, in order to access the opportunity to sell them online on our site.

Let’s cooperate together, to make our land, our traditions, the strength and the singleness of our products, be known all over the world!

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