It’s easy to say and so, nature, or more specifically the chemical, comes into play: the cheeses are free from sugar, this is the reason why they go perfectly with marmalades and jams, because they are their   complementary food. So begins a balance in the taste. But, as always, when we join two kind of food is necessary find the right chemistry, the right mix, to make sure that the tastes complete each other, avoiding that one could overpower, or annul the other one.

We can assign this combination to our palate, or we can get help using some extra info, maybe given to us by a website full of information, such as our Vivere La Toscana.

First we have to consider as starting point the cheese, and the kind of milk used to its realization: bovine milk, goat milk, sheep milk, then the kind of working process and consistency: soft, seasoned, semi-hard, semi seasoned…

For the combination we have to consider what we were saying a few lines ago. The taste and the balance win. So, the more the cheese tends to be soft and sweet, the more it goes well with acidulous jams. For example, our aubergines and ginger natural jam goes perfectly with a soft and sweet cheese. On the other hand, the more the cheese’s taste is strong and seasoned, the more the counterparty has to be sweet. In this case, we recommend you our onions and oranges jam, where the fruit gives very pleasant nuances and sensations, by exalting the intense taste of the seasoned cheese.

Speaking of seasoned cheeses, and eventually red meat, we can suggest you also the Tropea red onions compote.

But if you have decided to surprise your guest with delicious appetizers, finger food and tarts we suggest you the peppers jam, which gives a slightly spicy taste, enriched with chili pepper, ginger and cinnamon. gives of its best in combination with tender and little seasoned cheeses.

The presentation has also an important role in all this.

The jams can give to your table very pleasant points of colors. First of all, you have to make them the leading players in the magic of their countless nuances, even before the flavourings.

Often we dedicate little time to the important phase of the preparation, but if it is not made in the right way, we risk to jeopardize part of our work.

It would be like diminish a painting, by giving to it the wrong frame. And so the food requires a lot of dedication and passion.

With these jams we suggest you a white tableware, delicately posed on a white tablecloth.

Or if you have lunch outside on a table garden made of dark wood, we suggest you the combination with white table runners.

The game can be completed with multi-color napkins.

All we need to do is wait for your photos, that will be published on our website and our social networks as always.

Enjoy your meal everybody.

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