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Look for our excellent quality homemade jam in jars on our website. Our jams are made with simple, natural ingredients, with no additives, preservatives or colouring. At Vivere la Toscana, we have selected some of the best Italian jam producers, carefully choosing companies that use innovative production methods combined with a respect for the environment and local traditions. Good natural jam requires organically grown fruit, obtained by using organic fertilizers and natural insect predators instead of chemical pesticides. Only by selecting the highest quality fruit can jam be produced that surpasses even homemade fruit preserves in flavour and goodness. With a low sugar content and no added gelling agents, our Italian jam is a healthy option for those suffering from intollerances and diabetes, children and adults alike. Rediscover the authentic taste of ripe cherries and strawberries, enjoy juicy pieces of apricot, and try original new flavours such as our pear and melon preserves, varieties not commonly found for sale in shops. Choose our 100% natural jams, like those produced by the Azienda Agricola Bartoli farm in Pian d’Alma, in the province of Grosseto. Our website proposes a wide range of Tuscan produce, including artisanal homemade jam, jars of which are available to be delivered directly to your home. This exquisite 100% Italian jam contains only natural ingredients like lemon juice and sugar, and more than 80% fruit. Discover the whole range on our website’s dedicated pages.