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On Vivere la Toscana, you can find the best typical tuscan foods, accurately selected to be online at an excellent quality/ price ratio. Our region is famous all over the world for its unique flavours, suitable also for the most demanding palates. The regional, traditional receipts of tuscan foods are prepared by experts of gastronomy and family farms that hand down the secrets of cooking from father to son. The typical, Tuscan products are cultivated with care, sapience and respect for Nature, by following the secular rhythm of the seasons. The honey, available online, is an artisan product, typical of Tuscany. It has all the flavour of the sweet nectar of the bloomed, spring flowers in the countryside and in the mountain areas in Lucchesia, Maremma, in the province of Siena, Florence, Pistoia. The beekeepers of Tuscany wisely gather the fruit of the bees’ job : waxen honey, amber or brownish honey, black locust honey, yarrow honey or chestnut honey. By adding other flavours, such as the delicious truffle of San Miniato, you can obtain little jars of scented artisan honey: specialities to sip together with the regional cheeses. In our Italian food store, you can also find the other foods online, such as pasta, homemade cookies, scented salt, tomatoes and dried mushrooms, to prepare at home perfect receipts of Tuscany. You can show tasty hors d’oeuvres, such as Tuscan salami with fig jam, flavorous first dishes, such as the “pici senesi all’agliona”, typical sweets, such as the cantuccini and the vin santo. Browsing online through the categories of our Italian food store, you can buy all the ingredients, the olive oils and the tuscan foods you need for our tasty gastronomic dishes.