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A municipality in the extreme south of Tuscany, about 45 km from Grosseto, Capalbio is placed on top of a hill with breathtaking sea-views surrounded by forests and countryside on the promontory of Ansedonia. It is known as “tiny Athens” for the historical and artistic value. Capalbio is the only medieval village completely rounded within a double set of walls, with two paths on two different levels. A so well preserved and really unique charm of this small village at the border of Tuscany, it won the first position in the Blue Guide of Legambiente – Italian Touring Club.

Capalbio is totally surrounded by 15th Century walls which have remained untouched up today. The old town of Capalbio is accessible from the Senese Door, a double arch door where in the upper part was put a plaque in memory of a strengthening of the walls made by the Sienese in 1418.
To visit are the little Church of St. Nicholas and the Providence Oratory, small medieval treasure that preserves the capitals of the 12th century.
The Palazzo Collacchioni, a huge palace built in the 13th century on the ruins of the fortress, preserves a piano internally, which have been played by Giacomo Puccini during his stay in the village of Maremma.

Finally, it’s very suggested Il Giardino dei Tarocchi which preserves fantastical sculptures created by the artist Nicki de Saint Phalle. The sculptures are based on the characters of the twenty two tarot cards and range from the monumental to smaller pieces. Virtually every surface is covered in ceramic, glass or mirrors, and there are unusual waterfalls and fountains throughout the garden.

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