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Cetona, photo by ESTERINA

The town of Cetona is nestled at the base of the mountain with the same name, in the southern part of Siena in Tuscany and it is a interesting destination  for vacation. You can explore the city and its surrounding countryside, which is rich with a traditional agricultural economy of vineyards and olive groves. You can view the archaeological finds from this region at the Prehistoric Museum of Mount Cetona, which is located in town. There are also several picturesque churches to visit, including the Chiesa di San Michele Arcangelo and the Convento di San Francesco.

The real pleasure of visiting this town lies in walking around the stone-paved streets, with the natural beauty of the stones blending into the surrounding mountainside and landscape around the city. The central square in town dates back to the Renaissance, and is a lovely place to pass the time. It is surrounded by buildings from the 17th century, including the Palazzo Vitelli, and the church of Santissima Annunziata.
If you choose to take a walk up the main hill towards the fortress in Cetona, you will pass many interesting small buildings and houses, as well as the old defense wall that protected the city from siege. This wall has many places to stop and marvel at the Tuscan countryside that you can see from this height, which is beautifully adorned with olive groves and cypress trees.

Photo Credits: Esterina

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