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Collodi, photo by Marco Viscuso

Collodi, a wonderful small town not far from Pistoia, where you can visit the original Pinocchio Park dedicated to the famous long-nosed marionette. The Park of Pinocchio is an enchanted place, with an almost retro style atmosphere, so do not expect special effects or high technology attractions. Here, the offering is to stroll among several great bronze sculptures and others works by several artists that have been added to the garden ever since it first opening in 1956 up to today.

Dedicated to the youngest, you’ll find some traditional carousels, didactic laboratories organized by the park’s staff, a little puppet theater, a castle of ropes, giant chess board and other games around the garden.

If you have time, consider combining your visit to the Pinocchio Park with two other nearby attractions: the Garzoni Garden and the Butterfly House, located a few minutes walk away. The Garzoni Garden is one of the most beautiful gardens in Italy: manicured walkways, flower beds, fountains with traditional water games and towering statues will accompany you along a charming and, at the same time, relaxing walk. Finally the Butterfly House is a large greenhouse where you’ll find an exotic garden populated by thousands of colorful tropical butterflies.

Photo Credits: Marco Viscuso

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