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Lari, photo by ANTONY JONES

If you’re holidaying in Tuscany in the province of Pisa, why not take a day to explore the charming triangular shaped fortress town of Lari! This perfectly preserved Orange Flagawarded town is walled all around and has a magnificent castle nestled in the centre of the town on a mound. The castle of Lari is one of the most visited places in town. The ancient medieval castle is still quite well preserved and remains mostly undamaged even after the centuries.

Lari is a fairly small town, the streets here are not yet congested with traffic so moving around is quite easy. Most visitors prefer to explore the town on foot since the streets are quite pedestrian friendly and even during the summers the climate is not too hot. The center of the town is quite compact so it can be easily explored by walking around. The Saint Leonard parish church is one of the most important religious places in Lari. The history of church goes back to centuries and although it is not quite as large or as impressive as some of the other churches in the province, it is still worth a visit due to its beautiful interiors.

Lari is mainly a fruit and vegetable producing region and is especially known for its fine cherries. Every year in May, the cherries festival is held in Lari which can be attended by visitors who are travelling here in May. The festival showcases different types of cherries grown in the region!

Photo Credits: Antony Jones

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