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Lucca, the town of hundred churches, pic by Michele Zaimbri

Lucca is known as the city of a hundred churches. Inside the Renaissance walls collects a rich heritage of religious architecture, small oratories, private chapels of noble palaces and large churches, architectural and artistic heritage, as well as religious.

Three great churches, among others, tell of the centuries of the Middle Ages, a period far from dark, but rich and fruitful for the history, economy and culture of the city, large movements of people and cultures. The Lombards and then the Carolingian, the Goths from the north and from the east those monks who, according to legend, brought with them ‘the little worms that produce silk and the good fortune of Lucca and that will produce an original culture and rich as summarized in an illustrated story on the facades of churches.

The Church of St. Michael and St. Martin’s Cathedral collect suggestions of all times and known place. Colonnades between oriental and Nordic designs, some want to see the drawings of plots and warps beaten by the famous weavers from Lucca: brocades, damasks, flamed.

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